The main function of a GPS device is to use the Global Navigation Satellite System network. The network will emit microwaves that are sent through different GPS devices. These devices can be placed in vehicles and paired with smartphones.

GPS tracking has taken over not only through the different products but also the smartphones. The GPS trackers get the data and help address problems to ensure accountability, compliance, and safety. With GPS trackers, fleet operations are made easier.

Why is the GPS tracker not working

To ensure that a GPS tracker works properly, you need to

  • Have a good GPS signal
  • Have a properly configured SIM card
  • Connect the device properly to a tracking server
  • Make sure that high-rise buildings or trees do not surround you.

Here are some troubleshooting steps to reverse the GPS tracker not working issue.

  • If you are on a national highway, there is a chance that the signal might get disrupted, leading to the tracker not working. Move to a different place or wait for a while to come to the city limits to get proper network coverage.
  • There are some trackers that will need the Internet. So, make sure that the device is connected to local Wi-Fi or mobile data through your smartphone.
  • A simple way to resolve the issue is to turn off and turn on the tracker. This will bring the tracker back to the working condition (A simple troubleshooting step).
  • On your smartphone, disable the Airplane mode (if enabled). Doing this will enable all wireless connections.
  • One more reason that you are facing the problem can be a broken antenna. Replace the antenna from the GPS provider.
  • Make sure that you have set the proper time zone and the date/time in your phone settings. GPS relies heavily on accurate time and time zones.
  • Ensure that your Android version is 6 or above.
  • Enable the apps to run in the background on your smartphone settings, Settings > Device Management > Battery > Tracker > allow apps to run in the background (Please note, this step may vary for different android devices).

Follow the steps mentioned on this page so that the GPS tracker not working issue will be resolved. Then, click the CALL button on this page to speak to our dedicated technical team for further assistance.

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