Issue 1: Not Syncing

If your Garmin device is showing as connected but not syncing with the app, then try the following methods to fix it.

Why Is The Garmin Golf App Not Working

Method 1: Force Stop The App

For Android

  • Access the Recent apps section.
  • Select the Garmin Golf app and close it by swiping it up.
  • You can also use the Close All option to close the app.

For iOS

  • Open the most recently used apps section by double-tapping the Home button or swiping up the Home screen.
  • Locate the Garmin Golf app and close it by swiping it up.

After force closing the app, relaunch it by tapping its icon. Now, try to sync your Garmin device with the app. If the same issue persists, then perform the next method.

Method 2: Restart The Garmin Device

  • Turn off your Garmin device completely.
  • Wait for a few seconds or minutes.
  • Relaunch the Garmin device and try to sync it with the app.

Issue 2: Paring Failed

If you receive the paring failed message while trying to pair your Garmin device with the app, then try the following instructions.

  • Retry to pair the device with the app.
  • Restart the Garmin device and your smartphone.
  • Sign into the Garmin app.
  • Make sure that you have entered the six-digit code correctly in the given field.

Issue 3: Unable To Find The Device

If the Garmin Golf app is unable to find the Garmin device, then carry out the simple instructions given below to fix it.

  • Initially, check whether the Pairing mode is enabled on your Garmin device. If not, enable it.
  • Restart your Garmin device. 
  • Check if the Bluetooth option is enabled on your smartphone. If not, enable it. Similarly, if Bluetooth is enabled already, turn it off and then turn it on.

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