Why Is My Garmin Gps Not Working

GPS Not Turning ON

  • If you cannot turn on your Garmin GPS device, verify whether you have turned on the key to the AC/ignition position.
  • Check whether you have connected the GPS to the power cord. Also, check the fuse behind the GPS unit; if it's blown, you need to replace it with a new one.
  • You need to check the battery of the GPS unit and the remote control. If necessary, replace the battery with a new one.

No Sound Output

  • Check whether the wires you have used to connect the GPS to the speakers are connected correctly. 
  • Ensure that you have not muted your GPS device.
  • Check the right, left, rear, and front speakers by pressing the OS button on the remote control. You can also adjust the speakers with the Audio option.

Not Responding Touchscreen

  • If the touchscreen of your GPS isn't working, Calibration can help you to some extent. 
  • On your GPS device, click on the Menu option and choose Options. Then select System followed by Calibration.
  • Calibration takes a while, and within a few minutes, the screen will respond. 

No GPS Reception

  • If your Garmin GPS unit cannot acquire the GPS signal, check whether you have correctly plugged in the GPS antenna.
  • If your GPS device couldn't detect the current location, make sure that you have updated the Garmin maps to the latest version.
  • Try out the troubleshooting methods mentioned above, and check whether your Garmin GPS is working now. If you cannot fix your problem Why Is My Garmin Gps Not Working issue yet, you can reach out to us.
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