Now, let’s look into the TomTom GPS setup in detail.

Spytec Tomtom Gps Setup
  • First, take the power cable and connect one of its ends to the bottom of the TomTom GPS unit.
  • Plug the other end of this power cable into a power supply. You can use a power supply of 12 volts.
  • Now, you need to mount the TomTom GPS unit on the windshield of your car.
  • Stick the suction cup onto the windshield and twist the plastic backing in the clockwise direction. This step is required to lock the GPS unit into place.
  • Turn on the Power button that is on the top of the unit.
  • Touch the GPS unit’s screen to get to the menu. If required, touch the Change Preferences option to alter the settings. Touch Done to return to the map.
  • Enter your destination using the menu. You can easily enter an address with a city, street, and house number.
  • Touch the OK button and continue with the TomTom GPS setup.
  • The GPS unit will now take a second to show your route.
  • When you return to the map, the GPS unit will tell exactly where you are. It will also inform you how far you need to go before your next turn.
  • It will give you various other useful information, including the speed and the time of arrival.
  • The unit will also alert you with a command to turn right or left. Just continue with the instructions given by the TomTom GPS device until you hear the “You have reached your
  • estination!” message.
  • Avoid operating your TomTom GPS unit while you are driving. Enter all the information before you leave your house and refrain from touching the device when you are on the road.
  • You have now completed the TomTom GPS setup.


If you wish to update your TomTom GPS navigation device, you should install the MyDrive Connect application on your Windows or Mac computer. MyDrive Connect is TomTom’s free support application and it aids in managing all of the content and services on your TomTom navigation device. TomTom offers you the latest maps, software updates, as well as the possibility to renew your services through the MyDrive Connect app.

In the following sections, we shall discuss how to get the TomTom MyDrive Connect app on both your Windows and Mac computers.

So, if you do not have MyDrive Connect installed on your computer, you can make use of the following steps to download the same and manage your TomTom device.


  • First, navigate to the official TomTom site on your computer.
  • Next, click the Support or any appropriate tab at the top of the page that displays.
  • Scroll down the page until you are able to see this title: MyDrive App For Windows.
  • Now, click on the red Download For Windows button.
  • If you wish to get the app for the Windows XP and Vista versions, click on the red Download For XP and Vista button.
  • Next, you just have to continue with the on-screen instructions to complete the MyDrive Connect app installation on your Windows computer.


  • First, navigate to the official TomTom site on your computer.
  • Next, click the Support or any appropriate tab at the top of the page that displays.
  • Scroll down this page until you see this title: MyDrive App for Mac.
  • Now, click on the red Download For Mac button.
  • If you want to get the app for other Mac versions, click on the red Download For Mac 10.6 To 10.9 button.
  • You just have to continue with the on-screen instructions to complete the MyDrive Connect app installation on your Mac computer.


The TomTom User Manual contains information about the features and functions of the TomTom GPS device and the various software that are associated with the device. To download the User Manual for your TomTom GPS, follow these instructions:

  • Go Classic User Manual
  • Go Discover User Manual
  • Go Navigation app for Android User Manual
  • Go Basic User Manual
  • Go Premium User Manual


The following sections are about the various TomTom apps available now. Some of them can be downloaded from the App Store on your iPhone. And the rest of them can be obtained from the Play Store on your Android phone.

TomTom Go Navigation App

The TomTom Go Navigation app has been designed for offline navigation and online experience. This app’s maps are customizable, depending on what you need and when. If you utilize this app, you can always stay connected and can drive safely and simply. Some of the other unique features of this app are listed here:

  • Points of Interest
  • Alternative routes
  • Drive to Photo
  • Drive to Contacts
  • Ad-Free
  • Speed camera warnings
  • Sharing ETA
  • Weekly map updates
  • Moving lane guidance
  • Offline maps

The TomTom Go Navigation app is available only for iPhone (App Store).

TomTom AmiGO App

AmiGo from TomTom is a free community traffic and navigation app. It allows drivers to report and share traffic details while on the road. It has been specially designed for Android Auto. Using this app, you will be able to drive to any destination and also avoid speed cameras. You can even be free of unnecessary ads that might get in your way. In short, the app would be worth a look for people who are searching for an alternative to the navigation app they are currently using.

Using the app, you can obtain notifications for many things, like slow-downs, accidents, traffic jams, speed traps, road hazards, and a host of other things.

Follow these steps to get the AmiGo app for your Android phone:

  • On your mobile device, tap on the Play Store icon.
  • Go to the Search box at the top and type in TomTom AmiGo app.
  • From the displayed list of options, you have to choose the AmiGo app.
  • Now, tap the Install button.

TomTom GO Mobile App

Some years back, TomTom announced the launch of a brand new navigation app for iPhones. The TomTom Go Mobile app combines the latest TomTom car navigation technology and traffic information that is world-class. This app is always available as a free download from the App Store. Using this app, iPhone owners will be able to avoid traffic jams and reach their destinations faster than before.

You can easily search for the TomTom Go Mobile app in the App Store and then download it on your iPhone.


  • Follow these instructions to update your TomTom GPS device:
  • First, confirm that the MyDrive Connect app is installed on the computer you are currently using.
  • Next, connect the TomTom navigation device to your Windows computer using the USB cable.
  • Now, you will find that the MyDrive Connect app starts up automatically.
  • A new screen will now get displayed. Here, you need to log in and then select the updates that you have to perform.


You can easily update your TomTom watch by connecting it to a computer with a USB dock. For updating and syncing with a computer, you must have TomTom Sports Connect installed on it. The software should also be running.

  • If there is an update available, TomTom Sports Connect will inform you about that and ask you if you wish to install the update.
  • You can postpone the update to a maximum of three times.
  • While your TomTom watch is getting updated, TomTom Sports Connect will first download and then transfer the update files to the watch. The update will then be installed on the watch.
  • On the watch’s display, the progress of the installation will be shown. Therefore, ensure that you do not disconnect the watch from your computer. You need to keep both devices connected until TomTom Sports Connect displays the Charging message.
  • Once your watch connects to TomTom Sports Connect, all your activities will automatically be synced to your TomTom Sports account. You also have the facility to sync all of your activities via the TomTom Sports app on your smartphone. However, you cannot update your watch through the smartphone app.


You might come across some issues while using your TomTom GPS device or the associated apps. No worries! The next sections describe a few of the most common problems that users face and the troubleshooting techniques to solve them.

My TomTom Won’t Connect To My Phone

If your TomTom GPS device is not connecting to your phone, do the following:

Connect your Android phone or iPhone to your navigation device either by using the MyDrive app or without it. Connecting with the app is preferred. You need to connect your phone to your navigation device to enjoy the following features:

  • TomTom services
  • Hands-free calls
  • Smartphone messages

Now, let’s dive into the steps to connect using the MyDrive app:

NOTE: The following steps will help you connect your navigation device to your Android phone:

TomTom GPS Not Working

There are numerous satellites in Earth’s orbit that send a signal. This signal is used by your TomTom device for determining your location. Your navigation system must recognize a minimum of 4 satellites to connect via GPS. However, if it recognizes just 3 or fewer satellites, your TomTom device will give one of the following error messages:
  • Waiting for a valid GPS signal
  • Signal lost [number of] seconds ago
  • Poor GPS signal
Now, you have to restore the connection. There are two methods to achieve this task:
  • Resetting TomTom
  • Updating TomTom

Frequently Asked Questions

In some situations, your TomTom GPS device might not start correctly or might stop responding altogether. In these cases, you will have to reset your GPS device. The following steps will help you reset your TomTom GPS device quickly:

Confirm that the battery is properly charged.

You should press and hold the On/Off button on the device until it restarts. Keep pressing this button until you can hear the drums. Now, you can release the button. But this can take more than 15 seconds.

Confirm that the battery is properly charged.

If you are facing issues with your TomTom GPS, the software or the QuickGPSfix file for your device might have to be updated. For a quick GPS fix, you need to have the latest software installed on your device. So, you have to connect to TomTom HOME or MyDrive Connect. Next, download the latest software and QuickGPSfix updates, if any.

In some scenarios, if your TomTom GPS is not functioning as expected, you might have to reset your device.

If your navigation device is not receiving a GPS signal, it could be impacted by the GPS Week Number Rollover. In such a situation, you need to update the software on the navigation device you are using.

If the problem persists after updating, try the following:

If your navigation device is not getting a GPS signal, you might witness one of the following, based on which device you are using:

  • Your driving view might appear gray.
  • Your location icon might appear gray.
  • You might find an error message on the screen.

Even under optimal conditions, it could take about two minutes for your device to get a signal.

One of the main causes of this problem might be that your view is obstructed. In case you are near tall buildings or near water, it will take longer than the usual time for your device to get the signal. So, try moving to a place that has an open view of the sky. This should fix the problem.

The Reset button is located at the bottom of your TomTom GPS device.

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