TomTom GPS Factory Reset

The TomTom GPS navigation device enables you to find the destination that you are looking for. It is common for any device to undergo some technical issues. If your device performs slower than before, not starting correctly, or not responding properly, you can reset it. If even resetting the device fails, factory reset helps the device perform faster and work more reliably and efficiently. Now, let us see the steps to factory reset the TomTom GPS navigation device.

Steps to perform TomTom GPS factory resetting

A factory reset of your TomTom device will clear all the data, such as places, settings, language, voice, etc.

TomTom GPS Factory Reset

To perform a factory reset on newer devices:

  • On your TomTom GPS device, choose the Main Menu button in Map View or Guidance View. This action will open the Main Menu.
  • Once the Main Menu screen pops up, scroll to your right.
  • Select the Settings icon.
  • Again, scroll right on the Settings menu.
  • Choose the System option.
  • Select the Reset option in the System menu.
  • Some devices will have the Reset the device option. So, choose according to your device.
  • Once you have selected the Reset option, a warning message pops up to confirm resetting the device.
  • Tap Reset to confirm resetting.
  • Wait until the device resets and restarts.
  • Once the device resumes, select the Main Menu button.
  • Choose the TomTom Services option.
  • Provide your TomTom username and password to log in to your account.

To perform a factory reset on older devices:

  • On your TomTom device, go to the Main Menu.
  • Tap Settings on the Main Menu screen.
  • Search and locate the Reset factory settings option.
  • Tap Reset factory settings, and a warning message pops up on your screen to confirm resetting the device.
  • Tap Confirm.
  • Wait until the device resets and restarts. Once that is done, choose your Language, Date, and Time, if prompted.
  • Select your preferred GPS settings and wait until the device acquires the satellite signal.
  • Make sure that your TomTom GPS device performs efficiently after the factory reset.
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