SinoTrack GPS is a compact GPS tracker and can be used in any vehicle. Once the tracker is installed inside your vehicle, you can track its live location and movement on the map.

Sinotrack Gps Tracker Setup (our Setup Guidelines Description):


For Android:

  • To download the SinoTrack GPS tracker app, open the default browser and then go to the official SinoTrack website.
  • On the top of the webpage, click Mobile client.
  • You can see the QR code to download the app directly from your Android or Apple mobile.
  • Scan the QR code on the Android mobile, and it will direct you to the SinoTrack Pro installation page in the Google Play Store app.
  • Now, tap Install on your phone and the app will be installed.

For Apple:

  • On the Official SinoTrack website, click Mobile client.
  • Scan the QR code on the webpage using your Apple phone, and it will automatically open the SinoTrack Pro download page in the Apple App Store app.
  • Tap on Get and wait for few minutes to install the app.


  • The user manual for the SinoTrack GPS tracker is provided along with the device.
  • Using the user manual, you can learn the basics of using this GPS tracker.


  • Unbox the SinoTrack GPS tracker from the box.
  • Place the tracker horizontally inside the vehicle.
  • The GPS tracker should receive the Satellite signal, so do not place the tracker below any vehicle's metal parts.
  • Connect the red color wire to the positive end and the black wire to the negative end of the battery.
  • Connect the orange wire to the ignition lock. So that when the car starts, it makes an alert sound.


  • Unscrew the two bolts to remove the lid of the tracker.
  • Check the SIM card slot and insert the correct SIM card into the GPS Tracker.
  • Close the lid and screw the blots again.
  • If the blue light is lit, the GPS is turned ON.
  • If the orange light is lit, the SIM is connected to the GSM network.


Once the initial setup is complete, let us try to install the GPS tracker settings.

Adding commands to the GPS Tracker:

Set a control number:

Command: Number+password+blank+serial

  • Sample:24389809890000 1
  • 2438980989 is the mobile number
  • 0000 is the password
  • 1 represents the serial number.

The tracker reply “SET OK” means it has accepted the command.

Command: Set the GPS tracker to working mode:

The SinoTrack GPS tracker works in both SMS and GPRS mode.

If you want to control the GPS device using SMS only, you have to set Google location from your mobile.

Set to SMS Mode: (Default)

Command: 700+Password

  • Sample: 7000000

If you receive a SET OK reply from the GPS, then the SMS mode is activated.

Set to GPRS Mode:

If you want to monitor your tracker regularly in real-time, turn ON the GPRS Mode.

Command: 710+Password

  • Sample: 7100000

Once the tracker receives the command from the mobile, it will automatically change to GPRS mode.

How to change password:

Type and send the command from the mobile.

Command: 777+New Password+Old Password

  • Sample: 7771230000

The SinoTrack GPS tracker received the command and it will reply SET OK. Now, the new password is changed successfully.

How to get location link:

To get the live location link from the GPS tracker, enter the following command.

Command: 669+Password

  • Sample: 669123

The GPS tracker receives the command and reads the live location GPS data. It will send the Google link to your registered mobile number, and you can track your vehicle using Google Maps.

How to change the time zone:

Command: 896+Password+Blank+E/W+HH

  • Sample: 896123E00 (default)
  • “E means East, W means West, 00 means time zone.”

The tracker will receive the command and reply SET OK.

Set Automatic location update:

If you send the automatic location update on the tracker, it will send the location link to the first registered number. Send the command on the registered mobile.

Command: 665+Password+HHMM

  • HH means hour, from 00 to 23.
  • MM means minutes, from 00 to 59.
  • Sample: 6651231219

The tracker receives the command and sends SET OK. The live location will be updated every day to your mobile at the correct time.

Set Shock Alarm:

To set the shock alarm, enter the following command on the registered mobile and send it to the SinoTrack GPS tracker.

Command: 181+Password+T

  • Sample: 181123T10
  • ‘T’ represents the shocking time.

The GPS tracker receives the command from the mobile and sends SET OK.


When the battery is low, the SinoTrack GPS tracker sends the battery low alarm message to the registered mobile number.

  • If the battery is full, it will send a BAT: 5 message to the registered mobile.
  • If it reaches a low battery level, it will send the BAT: 1 message to the registered mobile number.
  • BAT: 5 means 100% battery is full.
  • BAT: 4 means 80%
  • BAT: 3 means 60%
  • BAT: 4 means 40%
  • BAT: 1 means 20% (low battery level).


  • Open the default browser and go to the SinoTrack official login page.
  • Enter the tracker ID in the User field. You can locate the ID on the backside of the tracker.
  • Type the default password 123456 in the Password text field.
  • On the login page, click the Language drop-down box and then select your preferred language.
  • If you can’t log in to your account.
  • Contact your seller or directly send a mail to the SinoTrack email to get the login credentials.
  • You will receive the login credentials within two days.
  • On the Welcome page, click the Server drop-drop box and then select SinoTrack.
  • Type the login credentials and click Login.
  • Once logged into the SinoTrack website, try to change the password.
  • Now your tracker is connected to the SinoTrack website, and you can track your vehicle from anywhere.


  • SinoTrack Car GPS Tracker, ST-906W 3G GPS Tracker.
  • SINOTRACK ST-901W 3G Vehicle Car GPS Tracker.
  • SinoTrack ST-915W Strong Magnetic GPS Tracker for Vehicles.
  • SinoTrack ST-902W 3G Real-Time Vehicle OBD Small GPS Car Tracker Device Locator.
  • SinoTrack GPS Tracker for Vehicles ST-906.
  • SinoTrack Personal GPS Tracker for Kids.
  • SinoTrack ST-907 Vehicle Car GPS Tracker.


  • If Geo-Fence is activated on the SinoTrack GPS tracker, it will send an alarm message when your vehicle moves more than the location limit.
  • To set the Geo-Fence on the GPS tracker, follow the below command.

Open Geo-Fence: 211+Password

  • Sample: 211123

If the tracker reply SET OK, the Geo-Fence is opened.

Command: 005+Password+limit in meter

  • Sample: 005123 1000
  • Once the tracer receives the command, it will reply SET OK.
  • You will receive the current location link in the text message from the GPS tracker.
  • The Geo-Fence settings are now complete.


Troubleshooting methods help you to solve the error that occurred on the GPS device.


  • To reset your SinoTrack GPS tracker, send the reset “Command: RESET” from registered mobile to the GPS tracker.
  • • Once the GPS tracker receives the command from the registered mobile, it will reset the track and clear all data.


  • If you are facing a login problem, enter the correct login credentials and then click login.
  • Check if the computer network is stable.
  • Turn OFF the router and check the Ethernet cable connection to the Internet modem.
  • Turn ON the router and wait for few seconds.
  • Now, go to the official SinoTrack login page and enter the login credentials.
  • Click Login.


  • If your mobile app is not working are you can’t see your vehicle status, check the mobile network connections.
  • Still, if you face the same problem, uninstall the app.
  • On the Android mobile, open the Google Play Store app.
  • Locate and install the SinoTrack Pro app.
  • Once the installation is complete, launch the SinoTrack Pro app.
  • Enter the login credentials and then click Login.
  • If you are using Apple mobile, download the SinoTrack Pro app from App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When the GPS tracker is installed on the vehicle, it automatically charges the inbuilt tracker battery.
  • If the vehicle is in an idle state or turned OFF, the battery will long last up to two months.
  • Once the GPS tracker battery reaches a low level, the tracker will send the battery status to the registered mobile. BAT: 1 (20%).
  • Open the web browser and go to the official SinoTrack website.
  • On the top of the web page, click Old client.
  • Download and install the Adobe Flash Player.
  • Enter the registration data on the window and click Submit.
  • In the navigation bar, click User Centre > Asset Manager.
  • Under the bookmark, click Add.
  • Now a new window will appear; under the Basic information tab, type the name in the Asset Name text field.
  • Type the SIM card number in the SimCard No. text field.
  • Locate your device ID behind the SinoTrack GPS tracker and type the ID in the Device ID text field.
  • Finally, click OK to add the SinoTrack GPS tracker.

We hope, with the given instruction on this page, you have installed the SinoTrack GPS tracker on your vehicle successfully.

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