How do you hook up a GPS tracker to a car?

While installing a GPS tracker, there should be less interference or obstacles that block satellite signals (if there is too much interference, the accuracy of vehicle tracking devices will be less). Most GPS signals travel through plastic, fiberglass, foam, wood, and glass, but not all solid materials. So, it is usually a good practice to allow your GPS tracker to have a clear line of sight to the sky. Places like the roof, dashboard, or windscreen are the idle choices, but whether you want your GPS tracker to be visible or not is the real deciding factor. Let us now discuss how to hook up a GPS tracker to a car in the further sections.

How do you hook up a GPS tracker to a car?


  • Usually, there are two types of vehicle tracking devices, which people use more often. They are the portable GPS vehicle tracker and the hardwired GPS vehicle tracker.
  • If you want to hook up the tracker with a movable vehicle, then a portable GPS vehicle tracker will be the ideal choice.
  • These portable GPS trackers come with an in-built battery, and you can install them at any place inside the car.
  • These batteries will last for a few months, depending on the usage style.
  • If your portable GPS tracker can be charged using a standard USB charger, then you don’t need to change the batteries.
  • The hardwired GPS vehicle tracker is used when the person wants to hide the tracker from others.
  • These hardwired trackers can be installed on the outside of the vehicle too.
  • The hardwired GPS tracker draws its power from the car’s main battery.


  • If you are not trying to hide your GPS tracker, the installation of the tracker is more straightforward.
  • But in case you are attempting to hide the tracker, you need to be more cautious while installing the GPS tracker on your car.
  • We have listed out some of the hook-up places where you can install the GPS tracker on your car.
  • Dashboard or Rear shelf - With only a glass panel in the way, this option has significantly less interference between the GPS tracker and the sky. So, the signal strength is at its maximum. Make sure that the tracker is not too close to any other location-based devices.
  • Hooked up to the Roof - This might be an unappealing option, but it offers excellent signal strength.
  • You can use a magnetic box to secure the GPS tracker, but installing the tracker on the roof-top increases theft chances.
  • Placing the tracker underneath the passenger seat - This is a simple and one of the most widely used places to hide something because it is easy to reach and well-concealed.
  • However, due to a number of surrounding materials, it is possible that your GPS tracker receives a weaker signal.
  • We have stated some of the locations where you can hook up a GPS tracker on a car. Whatever location you decide to use, make sure that your tracker is secure, safe, and is able to detect the GPS signals.
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