How Do I Reset My Skycaddie Sx400

Course reset

  •  On your SkyCaddie SX400, if you don’t want the downloaded courses anymore and prefer to delete them all, you can move ahead with the Course reset option.
  •  For resetting the courses, press the Course Reset option on your SkyCaddie SX400 device. Then, all the courses will be deleted except those pre-loaded from the factory.

Factory reset

  • If you wish to get rid of all the data and personalized settings from your SkyCaddie SX400 device, you can go ahead with the factory reset. When you do a factory reset, all the information, including the personal details and membership information, will be deleted.
  • Once you reset your device to the default settings, it cannot be undone. Hence, think twice before going ahead with the factory reset.
  • To reset your SkyCaddie SX400 device to factory defaults, on your device, press Factory Reset and push the OK button completely.
  • To restore your details related to the membership information, you need to synchronize your SkyCaddie SX400 device with your computer.

In this manner, you can reset your SkyCaddie SX400 GPS device. If you have any doubts, you can reach out to us.

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