How Do I Reset My Garmin Golf Watch?

Garmin golf watches can give you precise data on distance, and it includes complete map data. Using GPS, the Garmin golf watch will quickly show you your location and provide accurate yardage to the greens and hazards. If your Garmin golf watch fails to perform correctly, it is recommended to reset it. Continue to read the following sections to know how to reset your Garmin golf watch.

How Do I Reset My Garmin Golf Watch?

Soft and Master Reset

When your Garmin watch starts to malfunction, it is advisable to reset it for better performance. Usually, there are two types of resetting the golf watch. One is Soft reset and the other is Master reset. If you are experiencing issues with the watch's performance, you can go ahead with the Soft reset. But, if your watch is experiencing problems with the satellite reception or general functionality, you can go ahead with the Master reset. When you do a Master reset, the settings will be reset to default factory data, including the language options. In addition, all the information will be erased while doing a Master reset.However, you can access the saved scorecards.

Soft reset

  • Suppose you want to do a Soft reset, press and hold the Up/Power button until your watch turns off. Once it turns off, release the Up/Power button.
  • repeat the steps.Now, you can notice the enhancement in the performance of your watch. If your Garmin golf watch is still not responding correctly, connect it to the computer and

Master Reset

  • Suppose you want to go ahead with the Master reset, power off your golf watch. Then, press and hold the Back and OK buttons simultaneously for around 30 seconds.
  • Then, press the Power button until you can see the Garmin logo on your watch's screen.
  • Again, press and hold the Back and OK buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds. Then, release the OK button. Five seconds after releasing the OK button, you can
  • release the Back button.
  • Within a few seconds, the initial setup screen will be displayed, and your watch will be reset to the default factory settings. Now, it will function just as
  • expected, and you can notice the enhanced performance as well.
  • Keep your watch outside under the clear sky for around 20 minutes so that it can receive the satellite data. Then, set up your Garmin watch with the basic
  • preferences.

Now, you have successfully reset your Garmin golf watch to its default factory settings.

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