How do I reset my Bushnell NEO XS?

Bushnell NEO XS is a Golf GPS Rangefinder watch that comes with many admirable features like Auto course recognition, long-lasting battery, shot distance calculator, etc. The device comes with a USB charger or sync cable for charging. You can reset the device if it performs slower than expected or hangs while performing. It is simple and easy to reset Bushnell NEO XS. Let us see the steps to reset the Bushnell NEO XS device.

Steps to reset Bushnell NEO XS


To perform a normal reset of the device, you just have to power ON and OFF it.

  • Press and hold the Down arrow button of Bushnell for a few seconds until the device is powered off.
  • Wait for a few minutes and press the same Down arrow button again until the device gets turned ON.
How do I reset my Bushnell NEO XS?

Factory Reset

  • Make sure the Bushnell NEO XS device is turned on after full charge.
  • Now, access the Menu button on the Bushnell NEO XS device.
  • There are five buttons on the device: Golf menu button, Main menu button, Up arrow, Down arrow, and Select button. Make sure that you know every option button on the device and where it is located.
  • Press the Main menu button and select the Up or Down arrow button.
  • Search and locate the Settings option from the list and press the Select button.
  • The Settings screen will pop up on the watch display.
  • Select the Settings 3 screen as the Reset option available on the Settings 3 menu helps reset the device.
  • Go to the Settings 3 display, choose the Reset option, and press the Select button.
  • Reset under Default menu pops up on display. Selecting the Reset option under the Default menu will result in restoring the factory settings of the device. To continue, use the up or down arrow to select the Reset option and press the Select button.
  • Now, the device will be restored to the default settings completely.

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