GPS tracker not responding to SMS

A GPS tracking device is one of the most helpful tools when it comes to knowing the location of a beloved person, a car, or a purse. There are also times when you might encounter some issues when you need your GPS tracker the most. One such issue you are going to read in this article is that the GPS tracker is not responding to SMS. Before you go ahead and read the simple solutions to the problem, check if you have properly configured the GPS tracker to get proper SMS alerts.

GPS tracker not responding to SMS

There are many reasons behind the GPS tracker not responding to SMS issue.

  • Accuracy problems
  • A problem with the GPS antenna
  • The GPS is not positioned properly
  • A possibility of blockage of signals
  • The device is offline

Here are some possible steps that can fix the SMS response issue on your GPS tracker.

  • If the GPS tracker has no cell signal, make sure that the device is out in the open (under the open sky) to get proper coverage.
  • Ensure that the GPS tracker is placed in a proper position (wherever that is placed).
  • If there is a signal interruption or you are driving through a tunnel, wait for some time until you hit the open road (there is a possibility that the signal might be found).
  • There could also be a possibility of a delay in the SMS gateway.
  • Ensure that the mobile device that is paired with the GPS tracker is turned on and working properly.
  • Make sure that the GPS tracker is not placed close to any metal objects, radio, or other electrical equipment (this can cause disruption with the signal, eventually leading to the GPS tracker not responding to SMS).
  • Check and see if the Internet access is enabled and the 4G network or GPRS is turned on.
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