Garmin Z82 Troubleshooting

Garmin’s latest z82 is a follow-up on the z80 model series. Garmin z82 has a lot of features for a point-and-shoot rangefinder and becomes very capable with the color GPS flyover in the viewfinder. The only main hindrance of the traditional rangefinder is the inability to see hidden hazards; the Garmin z82 device is the perfect answer to the hindrance. With a pinpoint accuracy down to the yard, the Garmin device comes with 41,000 golf course maps that are pre-loaded. With the view from the viewfinder, the display is so perfect and gives sheer accuracy. 

With Garmin z82, you will have

  • Much greener view
  • Lesser range arc
  • Pin distance

Despite the laurels Garmin z82 gets, there are also some issues that come along with it. The best way to deal with those problems is to troubleshoot the Garmin z82 device itself. Here’s how you do it!

Garmin Z82 Troubleshooting


There are some external factors that can cause some accuracy issues when it comes to finding the range. 

  • Make sure that your range is away from bright sunlight because that reduces the visibility.
  • Ensure that the range does not come into play when it’s raining or has poor weather.
  • If you measure a distance that has shiny colors or is too bright, it might take a longer time.
  • When it comes to range, you can easily find larger objects compared to smaller ones.
  • If you want a perfect range, you need to measure it at a 90-degree angle.


 If you are out of a satellite signal on your Garmin z82 device, the best troubleshooting process is this way.

  • Keep the Garmin device in the outdoors.
  • Ensure that the device is pointed or oriented towards the sky.
  • You need to process for a minute or so to locate the satellite signal.


    You can troubleshoot the Garmin z82 device if it does not work beyond a certain point.

    • Ensure that the Garmin z82 device is on.
    • Select Settings.
    • Choose System > Reset.

    There are two options to choose from,

    • Reset Default Settings: This will reset the device settings to the factory default value and will also have all the user-entered information.
    • Delete Data and Reset Settings: This will delete all the user-entered information and will reset the device settings to the factory default value.

    If you are going through any of the mentioned issues, you can follow the steps mentioned to troubleshoot the Garmin z82 GPS device. For further clarifications, click the CALL button for technical assistance.

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