Garmin Vivoactive is a smartwatch that acts like an activity tracker and GPS sports watch. The user can connect Garmin Vivoactive with the smartphone over Bluetooth. The device will notify the call alert, text messages, emails, and so on. In case you are experiencing any difficulty while connecting the Garmin device to the smartphone, you can troubleshoot the device. Troubleshooting helps make the device perform much faster. Let us see some of the Garmin Vivoactive troubleshooting steps.

Steps for Garmin Vivoactive troubleshooting

Resetting the device

You can reset the device if it fails to respond.

  • First, you should press and hold the Power button on the Garmin device for 15 seconds.
  • Make sure that the device is turned off.
  • Again, press the Power button for one second to turn on the device.
Garmin Vivoactive Troubleshooting

Restoring All Default Settings

Restoring all the default settings will help delete all the user information provided. You can perform this action if you are struggling with connecting the device or deleting the activity history.

  • Press the Action key.
  • Select the Settings option and choose System.
  • Select Restore Defaults and choose Yes to delete all the user information.
  • Wait until the restoring process gets completed.

Update the software

Using outdated software will result in the inability of the Garmin Vivoactive device to perform as expected. So, try to update the software and make sure that the device performs well.

To check the software:

  • On your Android phone, launch the  Find My Device app.
  • Press the Action key.
  • Select the Settings option and select System.
  • Choose About and check the software the device is currently using.

To update the software:

  • Select Settings and choose System.
  • Select the Software Update option from the list.
  • Wait until the software gets updated.
  • Once the device resumes, make sure that the device performs faster than before.

Acquiring Satellite Signals

If the device finds it hard to acquire the satellite signals, try the steps given here.

  • Take the watch and go outside to face the sky.
  • Make sure that the front part of the device faces the sky.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the device acquires the satellite signals.
  • It may take around one minute to acquire the satellite signals.
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