The Garmin inReach subscription is automatically renewed every month until you cancel or suspend your active subscription plan. So, you don’t have to renew your inReach subscription manually. But make sure that your payment details are entered correctly and verify them periodically.If necessary, you can change your inReach Subscription plan tiers or switch between Personal Freedom and Annual plans. You can also change to a Professional Flex plan.

Garmin Inreach Subscription

Changing Subscription Plan Tiers

To move your tier from up to down or down to up, follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the Garmin Explore web page.
  • Sign in to your Garmin account.
  • Now, on the main screen of your account, click the PLANS & DEVICES tab.
  • Under your device’s subscription section, click on the Edit command line.
  • Now, the plan renewal date and other details related to your Garmin device will be displayed on the screen.
  • Locate and click on the Change Plan button.
  • Now, a window titled Change Subscription Plan will open with a list of plans.
  • Choose the plan as per your preferences from the list.
  • If you need to know more about one specific plan, click the “?” icon beside it.
  • After selecting the plan, click the Continue button to activate it.

Switching between Freedom and Annual Plans

To switch between Freedom and Annual plans, follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the Change Subscription Plan window of your device by referring to the instructions given above.
  • Click on the Learn More command line at the bottom of the Plan details.
  • Now, to switch between Freedom and Annual, click the Change to Contract Plans button and choose the plan type from the list.
  • Click the Continue button.

*Important Note: After changing your plan, make sure to sync your inReach device.

Syncing your account changes in the inReach device using inReach Sync (Windows)

  • Make sure that the inReach Sync utility is installed on your Windows computer.
  • Now, connect your inReach device to the computer and open the inReach Sync utility.
  • Wait for the utility to detect your device.
  • Once the device is detected, the sync process will be initiated automatically.
  • The syncing process may take some minutes to complete.
  • Once it is done, the message “Your inReach is up to date” will be displayed on the screen.

Reactivating a suspended inReach Device

If you wish to reactivate the suspended inReach device, follow the instructions below.

  • On the main screen of your Garmin account, click the Plans & Devices tab.
  • Locate the suspended inReach device and click the Edit command line beside it.
  • Now, under the Renewal Date section, click on the Reactivate button.
  • Choose the plan as per your preferences and click Continue.

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