Garmin Drivesmart 65 With Amazon Alexa Setup


  • Unpack the product box and take out everything you received.
  • Your package includes the Garmin Drivesmart 65 device, USB cable, suction mount clip, vehicle suction cup mount, traffic receiver/vehicle power cable, and a quick setup guide.
  • Take out all the protective coverings from all the components and ensure you have received them without any damage.

Download Garmin Express

  • Remove the sticker from your Garmin device.
  • Take out the supplied USB cable and connect it to your GPS device and your computer.
  • Now, visit the Garmin website from your browser and download Garmin Express. If you are using a Windows computer, click on Download for Windows. In case you are using Mac, click on Download for Mac.
  • Garmin Express enables you to update the software and maps. It also lets you know when an update is available. With Garmin Express, you can sync with Garmin Connect and register your GPS device.

Register your device

  • Once Garmin Express gets downloaded on your computer, run the setup file.
  • In the Welcome to the Garmin Express Installer window, click Continue.
  • When the Software License Agreement screen shows up, click Continue.
  • Install Garmin Express on your computer by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once it gets installed on your computer, open it and click on the Add Device option.
  • On the product registration page, enter your email address and click Next.
  • Enter your nickname to your device and click on the Next button.
  • Now, give your consent to your Garmin device to use and share your device data by clicking Yes.
  • If it shows you any updates, click Install All.
  • Accept the license agreements and install the updates.

Mount your device

  • Take out the suction cup and suction mount clip and connect them together.
  • Take the supplied vehicle power cable and connect it between your GPS device and the vehicle’s power outlet.
  • Now, fit the suction mount clip into the respective slot of your device (you can find it at the back of your device) and press the mount until it snaps into its place.

Pair your device and smartphone

  • When you connect your device and smartphone, you can get to know the live services, traffic data, smartphone features, and much more.
  • Install the Garmin Drive app on your mobile.
  • Place your Garmin device and smartphone closer.
  • Open the Garmin Drive application and follow the instructions to add your device.

In this manner, you can complete the setup of your Garmin Drivesmart 65 with the Amazon Alexa device. If you have any other queries, you can get back to us.

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