Though the Garmin Drive 52 device is not as feature-heavy like it’s with the other car GPS devices you find today, it is very user-friendly. As mentioned, since the device offers only a handful of things, there are some problems you will face. Here, you will see the different ways to troubleshoot the Garmin 52 device and solve the problems you might face. Brace yourself!

Garmin Drive 52 Troubleshooting

Issue 1: There Is A Problem With The Suction Holder

 The suction cup is what holds the Garmin Drive 52 device to a place; if there is a problem with the suction cup, there won’t be a device to look at.

How To mount

  • Ensure that the mount is pressed all the way to the suction cup. This will hold the device in place.
  • Press the suction cup of the Garmin device against the windshield and make sure to pull the lever at the bottom to hold it firmly.
  • Fit the tab of the mount to the device until you hear it click in place.
  • Plug the cable into the power outlet in your vehicle.

If It Does Not Sit Properly

  • Clean the suction cup with a dab of alcohol or any other cleaning agent.
  • Have a dry cloth and wipe it clean.
  • Follow the steps to mount the suction cup.

This is one way to troubleshoot a common Garmin Drive 52 problem.

Issue 2: Satellite Problems

The manual for your PrimeTracking device is provided along with the tracker during the first-time purchase. You can refer to the manual for the basic setup procedures and Garmin GPS troubleshooting steps.

  • Make sure that the Garmin Drive 52 device is outside a parking garage. Ensure that it has a clear view of the sky.
  • If the device’s GPS is choppy, allow it to remain idle for a while to regain the signal.

Ensure that the GPS simulator is switched off

The GPS simulator stops the device from receiving a GPS signal and tends to save a lot of battery power.

  • Go to Settings > Navigation.
  • Choose the option that is named GPS Simulator.
  • Turn off the feature.

After this troubleshooting method, you won’t face problems with the Garmin Drive 52 device.

Issue 3: Charging Issues

Charging issues are quite common with devices; Garmin Drive 52 is no exception.


Make sure that the car is turned on to charge the device.


Change the fuse in the power cable

  • Rotate the end piece of the fuse counterclockwise and remove it.
  • In the same way, pull out the silver tip and the fuse from the power cable.
  • Insert a new fuse inside, and later on, place the silver tip and the end piece (rotate it clockwise).
  • Push it back into the vehicle power cable.

Issue 4: Battery Issues

Multiple reasons can cause battery issues. Here are some simple alternative ways you can use to improve the battery life.

  • Decrease the screen brightness (Settings > Display; set your brightness level).
  • Shorten the Display Timeout (Settings > Display; set an idle time before the device goes to sleep after being idle for too long).
  • Ensure to keep the device away from extreme temperatures.
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight for better battery results.

These are all the issues you can work on and troubleshoot in case the Garmin Drive 52 device is going through the mentioned issues. The resolving steps are quite simple and easy to understand.

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