Bushnell V2 is a small laser rangefinder that helps golfers to measure the accurate distance of the ball. It uses an advanced technology called PinSeeker. This rangefinder is easy to set up and use. Once the Bushnell device is turned on, you can configure the settings by holding down the Mode button for 2 or 4 seconds. Even if it provides accurate information, there are some issues/errors encountered by the users when using it. On this page, you’re going to see how to fix the error E31 on your Bushnell V2 device.

What does the error E31 indicate?

The error E31 indicates a programming error. 

When does the error E31 occur on the Bushnell V2 device?

Basically, this error code is encountered by many users after replacing the battery on the Bushnell device. So, an incorrect or wrong installation of the battery may cause this error.

Error E31 on Bushnell V2


Check and replace the battery 

The error E31 occurs due to the wrong installation of the battery. So, check whether the battery is placed correctly. If not, place it correctly and then re-start the rangefinder. If the error code E31 is displayed on the screen, even after the batteries are placed correctly, then check whether you have loaded a non-alkaline battery in the device. Note:Compared to the alkaline battery, non-alkaline batteries are slimmer in size.)

If you have loaded the non-alkaline batteries into your rangefinder device, then replace them with alkaline batteries. After replacing the batteries, check if the error E31 is displayed on your Bushnell device.

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