How To Use A Bushnell Excel Gps Watch?

Bushnell Excel Gps Watch Setup
  • The Bushnell Excel GPS is a simple wearable device.
  • Once you set the date and time using the Golf GPS setup, you can track your swing motion and course tracking.
  • The buttons on the left show the Golf Menu and the Main Menu.
  • On the right side of the watch is the up and down buttons. The down button is to Power on and off the watch.
  • The button in the middle is to select an option.

Bushnell Excel Gps Watch App

For Android

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.
  • Search for Bushnell Golf in the search bar.
  • Once the page opens, tap the Install button.

For iOS

  • Open the App Store application.
  • Tap the search bar and type Bushnell Golf . Select the Search icon.
  • Select the first search option and tap the Get button.

Bushnell Excel Gps Watch User Manual

You can download the User Manual for the Bushnell Excel GPS watch setup from the Bushnell Golf support page.

  • Visit the page on your browser.
  • You will find the key features and images of the Excel GPS watch.
  • Scroll down a little further and you will find two PDF files.
  • Click the MANUAL tab.

Bushnell Excel Gps Watch Quick Setup Guide


  • Turn on your watch display and select the TIME Options option.
  • Select the SET TIME option.
  • Make sure to set the time; select BY GPS (SET TIME menu).

How To Connect Excel Gps Watch To Smartphone App Via Bluetooth?

You can connect the Excel GPS watch to its app via Bluetooth. Once done, you can receive alerts like email, phone, calendar, and texts.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone (from Settings).
  • On your watch, navigate to the Main Menu and select the Bluetooth option.
  • Tap the Yes option on the watch.
  • The watch will give you a code (you have to enter the code in the smartphone app).
  • Once the code verification is successful, the app on your smartphone will show you a confirmation.

How To Activate Play Golf Mode In Bushnell Excel Gps?

  • Make sure you are out in the open without any buildings and trees near you.
  • On your watch, select the Golf Menu.
  • Tap on the Play Golf option.
  • The Excel GPS watch will now try to find the satellite signal and will show you the local course results.
  • With Golf Menu activated, the Bushnell Excel Gps Watch setup will display options like PLAY GOLF, TEE TIME, SWING PRO, SETUP.

Bushnell Excel Gps Watch Software Updates

  • To have any software updates for the Bushnell Excel GPS watch, you need to register the watch with Bushnell iGolf website.
  • You need to create a new account and login.
  • Once the login is successful, you will be prompted to download software updates (If necessary).
Bushnell Excel Gps Watch Software Updates

Bushnell Excel Gps Alert Messages

Once the Excel GPS watch is paired to your smartphone app, you will receive alert messages like:

  • LFB- Left Fairway Bunker
  • MFB- Middle Fairway Bunker
  • RFB- Right Fairway Bunker
  • LFW- Left Fairway Water Layup
  • LFWC- Left Fairway Water Carry
  • MFW- Middle Fairway Water Layup
  • MFWC- Middle Fairway Water Carry
  • RFW- Right Fairway Water Layup
  • RFWC- Right Fairway Water Carry
  • FGB- Front Green Bunker
  • RGB- Right Green Bunker
  • LGB- Left Green Bunker
  • BGB-Back Green Bunker
  • RGW- Right Green Water
  • FGWC- Front Green Water Carry
  • FGW- Front Green Water Layup
  • LGW- Left Green Water
  • BGW- Back Green Water
  • CRK- Creek Layup
  • CRKC- Creek Carry
  • EOF- End of Fairway

Bushnell Excel Gps Watch Setup Troubleshooting

Bushnell Excel Gps Watch Not Charging Properly

  • Avoid leaving the watch on charge for too long. Overheating will cause charging issues in the future.
  • Make sure you use the proper USB cable provided by the watch manufacturer or a mobile USB charger.
  • Always connect the watch to the charger when the battery comes to 25% to have optimum performance. By doing this, you can avoid charging issues.

How Do I Reset My Bushnell Excel Watch?

The reset steps are quite simple.

  • Press and hold all 4 buttons on the watch for about 10 seconds.
  • Hold the buttons until you see the screen go off.
  • The watch will automatically reboot.

Gps Watch Turns Off Frequently

  • Press and hold all 4 buttons on the watch for about 10 seconds.
  • Hold the buttons until you see the screen go off.
  • The Bushnell Excel Gps Watch setup will automatically reboot.
  • Scroll down to the AUTO OFF option; select the option by pressing the button on the right.
  • Only with the AUTO OFF option enabled, the watch will turn off or go into sleep mode frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • After a full charge, the Excel GPS lasts for 14 hours.
  • When it comes to battery life on the whole, batteries last for approximately 12 months if used carefully.
  • Have the charging cradle separately.
  • Place the watch on the charging cradle.
  • The charging cradle comes with a USB; plug the USB into the USB port of your computer or your phone charger.

Press the Power button on the right side (bottom) of the watch. The Bushnell Excel GPS watch will turn off.

For more assistance on Bushnell Excel Gps Watch setup and troubleshooting guide, feel free to contact our technical experts.

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