Jiobit Gps Tracker Setup


The Jiobit GPS Tracker is a device that lets you know where exactly your loved ones are. This device also gives you information about who they are with, no matter the distance. The Jiobit GPS Tracker has won many awards and accolades. The Jiobit Location Monitor helps in keeping you connected to what matters most to you.

Unique features like custom geofencing, smart alerts, and detailed location history make the device the perfect choice for many. In short, Jiobit is the smallest and long-lasting real-time location tracker device. It is a tiny GPS tracker specially designed to track your kids, pets, grandparents, and other invaluable assets.


The Jiobit GPS Tracker has quite a robust set of monitoring features. Such a tracker will make use of GPS to obtain the location. This data will then be transmitted to the cloud using a cellular network. The same data is then delivered to your smartphone. So, if you are tracking your kid, the information about your kid’s location will be transmitted to your smartphone.

In case there is an option to derive the location through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it will help in preserving your battery life. Jiobit very well knows how to look for the lowest power radio. Therefore, if your smartphone is connected to your Jiobit over Bluetooth, it will display the location of your phone. In case Bluetooth is unavailable, but Wi-Fi is, then your Jiobit will utilize Wi-Fi access points for determining the location.


The app for the Jiobit GPS Tracker is available for both Android and iPhone users. The following section is about how you can get the app for your Android/iOS devices:


  • On your mobile device, visit the Play Store.
  • Search for the Jiobit GPS Tracker app.
  • Tap on the Install button provided next to the app.
  • The app will be installed on your Android device.


  • On your mobile device, visit the App Store.
  • Search for the Jiobit for Families app.
  • Tap on the Get button provided next to the app.
  • The app will be installed on the iOS device.


To pair an additional device with the Jiobit app, carry out the following instructions:


The Bluetooth Alert feature will be useful when you are with the Jiobit GPS tracker at a grocery store or shopping mall and you have to ensure that the device has not left your side. The Bluetooth Alert feature is similar to a virtual leash that can alert you when your Jiobit tracker is out of reach. If you enable this feature, the app will prompt you to create a proximity radius for your Jiobit tracker.

Remember that this feature is available only when your phone is connected to the tracker device via Bluetooth. Now, follow these steps to enable the Bluetooth Alert feature:


Alert Me (pilot feature) is Jiobit’s one of the two ways of introducing critical notifications.

First, double-click the logo button located on the front of Jiobit. By doing this, you will get an urgent notification in your app, which lets you know that a person needs your attention. The app will also show you the exact location of that person.

You can easily control who on your Care Team receives the notification. You will also be able to customize what exactly the notification says. There is also the facility to choose between a double and a triple click. To activate and customize the Alert Me feature, follow these steps:

  • In the Jiobit app, go to Menu.
  • Choose the Notifications option.
  • Now, select Alert Me (pilot) for every Jiobit on your account.


To extend your Jiobit’s life, the software makes use of several advanced algorithms. When the Jiobit tracker stays at a certain location for a prolonged time, the device will not be connected to a cellular network. In such a scenario, Jiobit will look for meaningful movement in a very low power operation.

During the Power saving mode, you cannot initiate the Live Mode feature.

Some of the situations where you may see this status appear are given below:

  • At a Trusted Place (home, school, etc.)
  • At a restaurant
  • At a movie theatre
  • At a friend’s house on a playdate

Some of the situations where you won’t see this status (Live Mode is available) are also given below:


The default mode set on the Jiobit app is the Smart Tracking mode. However, you can switch over to the Jiobit Live Mode easily. This mode will help you in seeing a loved one’s exact location, turn by turn. Added to these facilities, the Live Mode updates locations once every few seconds to show you each and every turn.

The Live Mode activates GPS and Cellular capabilities on Jiobit to provide you with your dear one’s exact location within the Jiobit app.

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The Trusted Places feature lets you set up locations where you expect the Jiobit GPS Tracker to be at various times of the week. The following are some of the suggested Trusted Places:

  • Home
  • School
  • Sitter
  • Daycare

However, these can vary depending on each family. It is highly recommended that you set up multiple Trusted Places.

Your Jiobit does not have to be at the location to create a Trusted Place. Now, follow these steps to set up Trusted Places and geofencing alerts:


Before you start creating a Care Team, you must know what it is and how it works.

When you invite people to your Care Team, you can share your Jiobit’s location with other specified users. When the Jiobit GPS Tracker is in the vicinity of a Care Team member, you will receive a notification. You will also know that the Jiobit and the Care Team member are together. This feature is especially useful when you depend on sitters, caregivers, or grandparents.

Now, carry out the following instructions to create a Care Team in the Jiobit app:


Just below its gray silicone surface, the Jiobit GPS Tracker has a hidden multi-color LED. The color of this LED light indicates what exactly is happening with the tracker device. Only when the device is on the charging dock, the LED will be visible. When the tracker is on the charging dock and is used with the Alert Me or Ring Jiobit features, the LED will be visible.

The following are the different colors displayed by the LED and the descriptions of what each color indicates:

During the initial Jiobit Setup:

Blinking orange: Your Jiobit is ready to connect to the app and pair with your phone.

Blinking green: This is a confirmation that your Jiobit has successfully connected to the app. This is especially helpful while setting up multiple Jiobits at once.

Solid orange: This indicates that the setup and registration are in progress.

During regular use - not on the charging dock:

Blinking red in sync with a chirping sound: This indicates that the user has initiated the Ring/Find smart tag feature or the Alert Me feature.

During regular use-on the charging dock:

Blinking green: This indicates that the device is charging.

Solid green: It means that the device is fully charged. The LED will disappear after the battery reaches 100%.

Flashing orange: This color indicates that the Over The Air (OTA) firmware download is in progress. This process might take up to 10 minutes.

Solid orange: This color means that the update is in progress.

Slow red flash: This sign indicates that the firmware update has failed. Now, your Jiobit will automatically restart.


Cellular Connectivity:

The Jiobit GPS Tracker makes use of a combination of onboard sensors and radios with algorithms for determining the most accurate location of your kid. This facility can be used in over 150 countries. Whenever your kid is away from you or any Care Team member, Jiobit utilizes various cellular networks for transmitting the exact location of your kid. Jiobit will also alert you about your kid’s last known location.

In the United States, Jiobit makes use of both T-Mobile and AT&T 4G networks.

Push notifications:

When the Jiobit GPS Tracker leaves a Trusted Place or is not connected to a phone through Bluetooth any longer, it would take a maximum of two minutes for any new location to be reported.

Poor signals:

Jiobit always strives to offer you the best possible coverage by working across several cellular networks. When you enter a building, Jiobit will switch radio frequencies to function best for building or wall penetration. Still, there could be some locations where cellular connection might become impossible. This scenario is similar to encountering dead zones with your smartphone. Jiobit always works to minimize these types of occurrences using its hybrid networks. However, it cannot guarantee 100% connection at all times.

If the Jiobit app displays the Connecting to Jiobit message, it means that there is poor coverage within the building.


Sometimes, you might encounter specific issues while using the Jiobit GPS Tracker setup. Problems are common with any modern-day device and this tracker is no exception. One of the issues or challenges that users face with the Jiobit GPS Tracker is described below. The method to troubleshoot this problem is also provided:


The Jiobit GPS Tracker might go offline sometimes. This happens because you might have placed the device near metal objects. This will affect the GPS signal that is sent by the device. Since the current GPS technology is satellite positioning, GPS signals are unable to penetrate metal or concrete.

So, it would be wise to avoid metal objects when you are installing the device. If you are using the tracker device in a vehicle, make sure that you have a clear view of the sky.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Jiobit GPS Tracker lasts very long. Under optimal conditions, the battery lasts up to one week. So, there is no necessity to charge the device every day. The patented Progressive Beaconing technology optimizes power, and at the same time, provides real-time, accurate location data.

The Jiobit GPS Tracker will track at any distance!

The Jiobit app delivers arrival and departure notifications from and to trusted locations. This facility permits caretakers to track their loved ones from any place at any time.

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