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What Is GPS?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite based navigation system that provides the location, velocity, and time synchronization of objects on the Earth. It can work anywhere around the world, at any weather conditions, and comes up with an accurate determination of geographical areas. Follow simple steps given below for GPS tracker setup, GPS app and troubleshooting GPS.

GPS Tracker Setup

How Does GPS Works?

Combined Effort Of Three Elements

How Does GPS Works

GPS usually works with the combined effort of three elements.

  • Satellites
  • Ground stations
  • Receivers

The satellite system consists of 24 satellites in six Earth-centered orbital planes, each with four satellites.

Each satellite transmits signals and orbital parameters that allow GPS devices to decode and compute the precise location of the satellite.

GPS collectors utilize this information to calculate the exact location, measure each satellite's distance, determine a user's position, and display it on your electrical GPS gadgets.

Ground station’s control activities include tracking and operating the satellites in space and monitoring the transmissions.

Various GPS Tracking Devices

Most of the GPS tracker setup meant for cars and other means of transport are relatively smaller than a cellphone. In real-time, one can get different types of tracking devices, depending on the type of vehicle. These devices work similar to the GPS navigation devices and are categorized into two main types, each with distinct benefits and drawbacks.

Passive GPS tracking device

Allows tools to track the vehicle live, stores information of vehicle's position on a hard drive or a memory card with add-ons, but it doesn't broadcast live information to anywhere. These devices are standard among fleet vehicles since they can record the vehicle's position, speed, direction, and other information that can be retrieved later.

GPS Tracking Device
GPS Navigation Device

Active or real-time GPS tracking device

Continuously transmit real-time data through cellular and satellite networks and instantly show you the vehicle location. These GPS tracker setup devices are the best choice for businesses that want to improve delivery efficiency and monitor their vehicles.

Uses And Application Of GPS

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Mobile Phone

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goverment & military gps tracking

Government & Military

How Does Vehicle GPS Tracking Works?

When you equip your vehicle with a GPS tracking system, you will have access to various features, in addition to GPS tracker setup. Some of those features are:

  • Safety checks
  • Fleet management
  • Asset management

Even though all vehicle owners wish to have a GPS tracker in their vehicles, the installation of such a device could be challenging.

Let us now see how to install a GPS tracker in your vehicle. You will not need any sort of outside assistance to do this task:

How Does Vehicle GPS Tracking Works?

Selecting The Type Of GPS Tracker

There are usually two types of GPS tracking devices for you to choose from. One is the portable GPS tracker and the other is the hardwired GPS tracker. You can opt for a portable tracker if you want your tracking device to be movable. In case you want your tracker to be discreet and hidden out of view, go for a hardwired GPS tracker setup. Both these trackers work fine when installed properly and will yield good results.

You can install a portable GPS tracker anywhere inside your vehicle. You can choose its location as you wish. However, you have to install a hardwired tracker only on the outside of the vehicle. There are some hardwired trackers that can be installed inside the vehicle too. Portable GPS trackers have their own batteries, which you can change after a few months. Some of them don’t require a change of batteries because you can charge them using a standard USB charger. You can set up such portable trackers by yourself. A hardwired GPS tracker derives its power from a car’s main battery. To set up such hardwired trackers, you might have to get the help of a technician.

Determining A Suitable Position For Your GPS Tracker

Once you have chosen the type of GPS tracker you wish to use, the next task will be to position it in your vehicle. If you wish that your GPS tracker setup must be easily accessible, keep it within your eyesight. Choose the deck below your entertainment system.

would be the right choice because your tracker is conveniently accessible from here. In addition, you can easily connect the device to the charging port.

However, if you are choosing a discreet hardwired tracker, you can place it inside the dashboard.

This location would be the right choice since it is out of sight. The tracker can also be easily hardwired.

Powering Up The GPS Tracker

After you place the GPS tracker in the vehicle, you just have to plug it in. If you have chosen a portable tracker, power up the device using its Power button. In case you have selected a hardwired tracker, you simply have to ignite your vehicle’s engine to power it up.

The next task at hand is to check whether the device’s signal strength is good. Also, check the date and time on the tracker’s settings. Your GPS tracker setup is completed and ready for a ride.

Car GPS Tracking Device
Vehicle GPS tracker testing

Testing The GPS Tracker

While you are driving your vehicle, test the following:

  • First, check whether your vehicle is being tracked properly.
  • Next, drive your vehicle in all directions. Check for any errors in the direction data.
  • Try your navigation system. Also, try accessing the routes to familiar locations.
  • See if the routes are well optimized.

Once you have tested your GPS tracker by following the above techniques, if you have got positive results, the installation is successful.


How To Set Up GPS Tracker On Android

For GPS tracker setup on your Android phone, follow these steps:

  • On the Home screen of your Android phone, tap on the Play Store icon.
  • Fleet management
  • In the Search bar that is located at the top of your screen, enter “gps” (without the quotes).
  • From the displayed options, tap on gps phone tracker.
  • You will find a number of apps getting displayed on the screen.
  • Tap the GPS Phone Tracker app you want to install.
  • Once you tap that icon, you will be prompted to touch the Install button.
  • Wait patiently for a few moments until you see the app installed on your Android phone.
How To Set Up Gps Tracker

How To Set Up Gps Tracker On iPhone

Follow these steps to GPS tracker setup on your iPhone:

  • Navigate to the Apple App Store on your iPhone.
  • Download the GPS Tracker application from the Store.
  • Install the app and launch the same on your iPhone.
  • The app will now ask for your device IMEI. You will find this information on the back cover of the device, or by following this path:


  • It is now time to create a account. Once you are done, add your device to this account. You need to enter your device name and IMEI number.
  • Confirm that both GPS and Internet connection have been activated on the device.
  • In the GPS Tracker application on your iPhone, navigate to Settings. Then, choose the server where you have created your account.
  • In the app, tap on the Start tracking option.
  • Now, wait patiently until you see the location of your device on the iPhone.
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How To Set Up GPS Tracker On Macbook

The Find My Mac service on Mac has some limitations, and so people are switching over to GPS tracker setup on their MacBooks. This would help them pinpoint the accurate location of their devices. Apple has been designing a device known as AirTags. This will perform the functions of a GPS tracker. You will find some features in macOS Catalina for this purpose. These features will let you integrate AirTags with the Location Services. People who wish to use AirTags must update to the latest version of macOS.

How Is GPS Useful In Golf?

Using GPS in golf, you can improve your gaming experience. A golf GPS device will let you have a bird’s eye view of your golf course. This facility, in turn, will make you a better strategic player than a person who is more bothered about getting longer drives.

Many years ago, it would have been a very difficult task to pinpoint your exact location on a golf course. Also, it would have been challenging to identify the hole you are playing. But today, golf GPS devices show the aerial imagery, the overall scores, time, and distances.

When you are able to find out your location on the golf course, you can make better decisions in your game. You can also derive the accurate distance of the ball from the center of the green. So, you can determine which club will be the best for each shot. These are the ways in which GPS tracker setup plays an important role in the game.

What Are The Different Types Of GPS Devices Available For Golf?

The GPS devices available for golf can be classified into two broad categories. The first category consists of GPS watches and the second one is a host of handheld GPS devices.

Golf GPS watches are light-weight and can be easily carried around. However, the display on a golf watch will be much smaller than that on a handheld device. Handheld GPS devices are larger as well as bulkier. They have a better display when compared to the watches, but they are quite difficult to carry around.

So, both types of golf GPS devices have their own pros and cons.

Top GPS Brands For Golf

Some of the top GPS brands for golf and their products are listed below:

Golf Course GPS Setup
How To Troubleshoot GPS

How To Troubleshoot GPS

If your phone’s GPS is not functioning properly even after completing GPS tracker setup successfully, you might encounter one of these issues:

  • Your phone will not be able to find a location using GPS.
  • Your phone might show a wrong location on the map while using GPS.

Location issues are usually caused by a weak signal. Carry out these instructions to improve the signal.

  • Try checking the map when you are outside your vehicle or building. Vehicle roofs, walls, mountains, etc. could block the line of sight to the GPS satellites.
  • You can get the strongest GPS signals under the clear sky. In case you cannot see the sky, your GPS signal will be weak. Then, your location on the map will be incorrect.
  • Access your phone’s Settings and confirm that the Location option is ON.
  • Go to Location->Sources Mode. Here, tap the High Accuracy option.
  • By now, your phone’s GPS should work properly.

GPS Tracker Detector

A GPS tracker detector utilizes the radio frequency signal transmitted by a GPS tracker setup. Using this signal, the tracker detector identifies a GPS device. If you think that your car is being tracked, you can make use of a GPS tracker detector as a surveillance tool. Using this tool, you can detect the threat in GPS tracking device of your car and then eliminate it.

Law enforcement officials, private investigators, and business persons, who are concerned about their safety, often use these GPS tracker detectors.

Gps Tracker Detector

Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, most Android devices come with a GPS tracking feature called Find My Device. This service continually pings your device's location back to Google's servers so that Google knows where your device is. You can then use Google's web interface to track your device at any given time. You'll need a Google account to use this feature. To enable Find My Device on your Android, navigate to the settings option and select Lock screen and security followed by Other security settings. Then, tap Find My Device and select Activate to complete GPS tracker setup.
iPhones rely on an internal Assisted GPS (AGPS) chip to determine the location. It's a built-in feature that creates an approximation of your location based on satellite information. Wi-Fi and Cell Phone Triangulation help pinpoint exact areas and display them live on screen.
The Find My Mac feature on the MacBook enables one to trace the Mac when lost. It tracks the exact location of your MacBook and displays them on screen.
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